During a Gananath Obeyesekere talk, I remembered the type of academic project that drew me to anthropology in the first place. What a storyteller. My undergrad mentor also reminded me of the value of storytelling through Walter Benjamin’s short essay, “The Handkerchief.” These interventions were much needed, as I’d been feeling disenchanted and jaded about the dull excuse for social engagement that most reading and convos in grad school had become. But, I have found at least a couple of new items for the ongoing reading list that I’m excited about: Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space (just browsing now and trying to write a poem with “the space of elsewhere”) and Suji Kwock Kim’s book of poetry, Notes from the Divided Country. Reading Kim’s “Translations from the Mother Tongue” gave me some ideas for my own video project, now tentatively titled Street of Ghosts. The first public screening will happen this week. I still feel ambivalent about it. Hours left to tweak…

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